Agile Billing

Agile billing is defined on multiple levels of agility: business, product, and IT agility. Most organizations think about billing in terms of accuracy and evaluate
their billing system suppliers based on the functionality offered.

What can agile billing systems offer?
  • Ability to quickly launch new products and services
  • Automating billing, payment and renewal processes
  • Access to new market segments with a mix of usage-based (pay-per-use) and subscription pricing models
  • Offering customers a choice of payment methods, including automated online methods such as credit card, direct debit/ACH and PayPal
  • Providing customers more flexible payment terms by spreading the cost of big ticket items over a number of billing periods
  • Real-time visibility of key business metrics such as monthly recurring revenue (MRR), enrolments and churn

In a rapidly changing business world, one of the few certainties, as they say, is change. Companies must create products and prices that will change, and with market leaders using pricing as a point of differentiation, those products and prices will have to continue to change and adapt to whatever the market conditions might be. Billing platforms therefore need to keep pace.